Today’s preacher – on her 90th birthday last November

I sat down at the computer this morning, ready to write a post about a significant expense that is coming our way. I wrote about DH’s “brace-lift” over at Fruclassity a couple of days ago, and I was prepared to share an even more significant new expense today. But when I sat down, “my gut”, as Laurie put it in a recent post, told me not to. At least not today.

What I feel led to post today is a 7-minute audio recording of my mother. She is 90 years old, and I want to be like her when I grow up. She is frail, but she still volunteers on church committees and in the community, helping the elderly (!) and the physically and mentally challenged. She still hosts bridge parties and has a great network of friends.

At one of her church committee meetings, she presented the “opening reflection”. The church minister was so impressed with it that she asked my mom to present it to the whole congregation. In February, she did. Two of my sisters and I were able to attend the service, and we were so moved. So proud.

Do you  have 7 minutes? If you listen and are touched by her words, please leave a comment. I’ll share it with my mom.

(Click “Listen to the audio recording”. I tried to embed the recording, but it’s much clearer this way.)


Your comments are welcome. I’ll share them with my mom.



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    1. I love that “mathematical challenge” bit : ) Here’s to making it to 90, Brian!

  1. I have to be honest with you; I was raised Christian, but no longer associate with any religious organization. I’ll take inspiration anywhere I can get it. Any truth that speaks to me regardless of religion or sect. But this, this is what I like about Christianity. Your mother hit everything good about it on the head, and so simply as Christ did. Thank her for me. It’s a beautiful message that really hits home.

    1. There are some people who were raised Christian who refuse to find inspiration in it. I’m glad you’re open enough to allow it. I shared your words with my mom, and she said, “Good for her!” and then she thought for a bit and said, “Good for me!” : )
      You are right. She hit the big truths with simplicity and power. Thanks so much, FF!

    1. Your great-grandma is 82? How old are your mom and grandma? By the time you’re 90, 90 will be the new 50 : ) Here’s to long, healthy, abundant lives!

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