The plow left a heavy, dense snow bank at the end of our driveway.

  • DH = Dear Husband
  • DD3 = Dear Third Daughter


Where I live, we got 20 inches (51 cm) of snow Tuesday. “I’m going snowboarding with Phil tonight. I’ll be leaving before you get home,” DH told me over the phone when I was still at work. DH loves snowboarding on freshly fallen powder, and conditions were too ideal to pass up. He sounded a bit tentative though, and I wanted to reassure him. “Great! Have fun!” I said. He told me that he had already shoveled the driveway twice and that he would again before he left . . . “but the plow hasn’t come by yet.”

Light snow vs. plowed snow at the end of the driveway 

If you live in a place where snow happens, you know what that means. Snow that falls on your driveway is easy to shovel. It’s light and fluffy. But the snow that a plow leaves at the end of your driveway after clearing the street is a different thing altogether. It’s compressed. Hard. Heavy. (Click here to continue reading.)

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    1. Until we buy a snowblower (which is tempting right about now) our best way to get rid of it will continue to be one shovelful at a time : )

  1. You asked a great question at the end of this, “would I rather be rescued or shovel the debt one scoop at a time.” My heart says rescue, however that reasoning side of me knows that I need to shovel that baby one scoop at a time. After all, don’t most people who usually win the lottery end up broke within 5 years (so they say)?

    1. I’ve heard that too, Latoya. They end up back where they were … or worse. Rarely better. I find myself thinking these days, “OK, I’ve learned my lesson about debt and finances. The rescue can come any time now.” But I think my lessons aren’t over yet : )

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