Our story is featured in Debt.com this week 🙂 

In May of 2012, Ruth from Prudence Debt-Free received a Dave Ramsey audio book from a friend. She listened while driving to and from work. At the time, she and her husband were recovering from his job loss and the financial upheaval it brought.

But they recovered. He started a new business and she worked as a full-time teacher. Things were normal again — spending money and carrying debt. But something was different.

“We were back on auto-pilot, relaxed and living the “normal” lifestyle that we missed,” says Ruth. “But something wasn’t quite right. “Normal” felt hazardous.” She found “the root of her

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  1. Kudos as the feature story! Your victory is so hard won and so inspiring.

    Dave Ramsey’s debt journey motto is “Live like no one else so you can live and GIVE like no one else.” Your blog has been your catalyst of “giving” all along by sharing so much motivation, insight and real talk of your debt free journey.

    Thank you & congratulations! Can’t wait for your debt free scream on Dave’s show!

    1. I appreciate that, Linda! It’s something that just isn’t talked about in most face-to-face social and family groups, and my hope is that some people will find a place of connection and encouragement here. As for our victory being “hard won”, it is in the sense that we had to change habits and relationship patterns that we’d settled into – and that’s no small task – but I’m well aware that many people are dealing with more difficult circumstances. Thanks again! We’re waiting to hear back from the people at Ramsey’s show:)

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