Still strong-willed … with a different focus.

Last Thursday, I posted an article that I wrote 3 years ago – but which I couldn’t post at the time – about the struggles my husband and I were having asserting financial boundaries for our second daughter. Today, I’m writing about how things have developed in the time since then. Without further ado, here is Part Two of DD2’s story.


DD2 = Dear second daughter
DH = Dear husband
Holding the line with our strong-willed teen
     “I absolutely love the idea of doing a joint savings account to help your daughter avoid student loan debt …” said Choncé in a comment after last week’s post. Three years ago, as I had written, DD2 was about to start university, and to help her avoid student debt, DH and I decided we would need to share an account with her – in order to oversee savings.
     Well, that plan did not pan out. Neither did any proactive suggestion that we made. With a roll of the eye and an irritated sigh, DD2 would say, “I know!” or “Quit telling me what to do!” All we could do was to maintain our boundaries and give the warning, “We will not bail you out if you cross the line.”
     “I know!”
Brick-wall, Jellyfish, and Backbone parenting styles

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