What If We Hadn’t Read The Total Money Makeover?

2011: a sense that we needed to change In 2011, it was clear that our circumstances had changed for the better. After a destabilizing decade of career upheaval and financial distress, DH had started a business, and two years in, it was succeeding! What a profound and welcome relief! We could go back to normal. […]

Getting out of Debt Isn’t Only about Money

Our story is featured in Debt.com this week 🙂  In May of 2012, Ruth from Prudence Debt-Free received a Dave Ramsey audio book from a friend. She listened while driving to and from work. At the time, she and her husband were recovering from his job loss and the financial upheaval it brought. But they recovered. He […]

Debt, Diet, Drink: The “Why?” of Change

In last week’s post, I featured Kayt. Two years ago, Kayt: started her journey to debt-freedom switched to a plant-based diet (and started to take up running) adopted a lifestyle of sobriety So many of us struggle to make changes in our lives. I wanted to know Kayt’s secret. Many people say they want to change, […]

Debt Reduction, Veganism & Sobriety

The year of their marriage, Kayt and her husband made 3 huge lifestyle changes.  I received a really interesting email a couple of weeks ago. “Hey there! I just stumbled onto your blog when I pessimistically googled ‘debt-free vegans’. We too are ‘plant-powered’, living on a budget and listing to Dave Ramsey’s plan to get […]

The Awkward Question of Money Talks: Part 2

DH = dear husband “Every comment expressed disagreement with me” Two weeks ago, I wrote about when and how to talk with friends who are clearly sabotaging their finances. Every single comment from readers expressed some form of (very respectful) disagreement with me. I really appreciated the honesty! New (and unexpected) perceptions I’m wrestling with […]

Financially Parenting Strong-Willed Teens

I wrote this post for Brian at Debt Discipline as part of his series on financial literacy. I wasn’t a “teachable” teen Sometimes I read parenting articles that offer pointers on teaching teens about financial management – and I find myself shaking my head. I’m not convinced that good financial management can be “taught” in […]