Would You Nominate Me for A Plutus Award (by July 31)?

In 6+ years of blogging, this is a first: I’m asking if you would nominate me for a Plutus Award. The Plutus Awards are given out each year at FinCon, a conference for people, including bloggers, involved in the personal finance community. I have never attended FinCon – largely because the travel involved would go […]

Pet Therapy, Crate Training & An Analogy with Debt-Reduction

Introducing Kobe DH = dear husband DD3 = dear third daughter DD2 = dear second daughter We lost our Rocky in November – two weeks before we lost my mom. They were such great friends! My mom was Rocky’s #1 person. DD3 was most impacted by Rocky’s passing – especially tough as it was followed […]

Discovering the “Freedom” in Debt-Freedom

DH = dear husband DD1, DD2, DD3 = dear daughters – first, second, and third “Even so quickly may one catch the plague?” That’s one of Olivia’s lines from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. A very eligible young lady, Olivia discourages the advances of an equally eligible bachelor. Steadfast in her determination to remain single, she is […]