Celebration! Debt-Freedom AND Our 25th Anniversary

DH = dear husband DD1 = dear first daughter DD2 = dear second daughter DD3 = dear third daughter When I first read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover in the spring of 2012, I looked ahead to the grand finale as something impossibly remote. The last chapter of Ramsey’s book is about the step […]

Debt-Freedom & the Blasey Ford / Kavanaugh Hearing: Weird

 Holding up my shoes. They’re off! DH = dear husband DFF = debt-free friend Friday September 28, 2018: Debt-Freedom! We’re officially debt-free! Friday offered one last obstacle to the final step of our journey out of debt. We bank with a no-fee subsidiary of one of Canada’s big banks. Friday, of all days, its online […]

My Old Post Is Published: A Timely Reminder

Remarkable timing In November of 2013, I wrote a post about debt, faith, and freedom. I was surprised this past February – of 2018 – to receive an email message from the Christian magazine Activated, requesting permission to publish the article.  When told that it would be published in September, I was struck by the incredible […]

Prudence Debtfree Stumbles at Finish Line (Ugh!)

DH = dear husband DD3 = dear third daughter DD2 = dear second daughter DD1 = dear first daughter “You’re worried about what you’ll write on your blog.” Last week, I wrote rather cryptically: “Ironically, with our total debt-freedom only weeks away, DH and I were off our game.” I then vaguely stated that “we […]

Prudence Debtfree’s Debt-Reduction Graph

DH = Dear Husband DD2 = Dear Second Daughter Producing my graph “If you had kept a spreadsheet of our debts month-by-month, you could have produced a graph in a few seconds,” DH told me earlier today. But I have not keep a spreadsheet. Instead, I’ve provided dozens of updates on our debt-reduction progress, and […]