Our First Investment Event & We’re Not on the Same Page

Giving Murray’s investment visual: “That is death!’ DH = Dear Husband (Just to let you know, I didn’t write this post to advertise Nick Murray or Investors Group. DH and I attended an IG event at which Murray spoke this past week, and I’m sharing my understanding of his advice as well as the way it […]

Frugality & Mindfulness (which isn’t always frugal) in Our Renovations

DH = Dear husband DD3 = Dear third daughter See that floor up there? I wondered at first what the square thing in the middle was. It’s the reflection of the room’s window. The floor is so shiny, it reflects things! Isn’t that a whole lot better than what we had before? (I have to say it again […]

Dear Mr. Trudeau: A Reformed Debtor’s Plea

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Congratulations on the stunning majority that you and the Liberal Party of Canada have won as the result of Monday’s election. There is something larger than life about this victory. You brought your party from a distant third place to a decisive first. You did so against the backdrop of relentless negative attack ads […]

Frugality Misapplied: Delay Getting New Prescription for Glasses

A visit with the eye doctor I knew I needed a new prescription for my glasses. Distance was still OK, but I was having trouble reading. I already had progressives (for the under-40 crowd, that means glasses that accommodate for troubles in seeing both near and far) – they just needed to be modified. And sure […]

Roadblock to Frugal Renovations: “We can’t clean that carpet.”

Our embarrassing old, worn, DIRTY carpet. Much worse than we realized DH = Dear Husband Frugal living with old, worn stuff I just did a search to find out when I first mentioned our carpets on this blog. It was three years ago – in the post “Mickey Mouse and His Broom: Debt Illustrated in […]

Surprise B-Day Plans // Debt Reduction: Keep Eyes on Prize

Birthday girl hugs Granny after the big “SURPRISE!” DD2 = Dear second daughter DH = Dear husband DD3 = Dear third daughter “I’m a bit worried about you,” said my colleague Cam last spring. “You’re connecting your debt reduction to EVERYTHING else.” “It IS connected to everything else!” I said. And it’s true! Whether there’s […]

Correcting Priorities: Debt-Reduction = Means Not End

My “flower garden” never happened this summer. Sadly neglected. It was brought home to me pretty powerfully this past week that I’ve allowed things to get out of alignment. My summer of teaching summer school, of accommodating DH’s off-the-chart business, of starting home-office renovations, and of aggressive de-cluttering – all very good things – has taken […]