What Is of Value in The End: My Elderly Mom & Family Photos

14 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild Sometimes our journey out of debt loses a lot of significance because of big life events. Up until a month ago, my 92-year-old mother lived independently in her own condo, drove her own car, made her own plans, and lived her own full life. But in March, she suffered a […]

February 2017 Report: Steady Debt-Reduction (& Shining A Light on SAD)

DH = Dear Husband Steady debt-reduction & savings Yesterday, I had trouble starting our 18-year-old van. It took me 4 tries, and while there was some “Oh no!” stress, it was tempered by a confidence that is new to me: “If it dies today, we’ve got more than enough on stand-by for a good used vehicle.” A life-time […]

December 2016 Report & New Year’s Resolution for 2017

The dress behind the resolutions. DH = Dear Husband Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but despite the weirdness of our time – Brexit, Trump, a nervous sense of imminent but unpredictable change – I feel optimistic about the year ahead. My New Year’s resolution for 2016 “And I will. Every day, I […]

October & November 2016 Report

Sorry for missing October’s update! I was in over my head through the fall: big project at work early October; a niece’s wedding the next week; first debt-reduction public speaking engagement early November; and ongoing developments for the children’s book I’ll soon be self-publishing. Where our debt now stands For each month – October and […]

September 2016 Report: 6-Figure Debt Now Down to 5 Figures!

One risk of self-publishing? Boxes and boxes of books. DH = Dear husband DD3 = Dear 3rd daughter Milestone: $100,000 barrier broken! Our $257,400 debt from 2012 is now under $100,000. Consumer debt? GONE. Business debt? GONE. Mortgage debt? Down to $98,100. We have broken the 6-figure barrier! The finish line is still 3 years […]

August 2016 Report: Trial Run at Financial Freedom = WONDERFUL

The view (including my feet) while camping  DH = Dear Husband “Ikigai” Mr. SSC (Slowly Sipping Coffee) recently wrote the post, “Will your retirement have an ikigai?” Ikigai (pronounced icky-guy) is a Japanese term meaning “the reason to wake up in the morning”, and in his post, Mr. SSC explores the idea of life purpose during retirement. […]

July 2016 Report: Olympic Inspiration Squashes Mortgage-Payoff Complacency

I’m finding it really hard to pull myself away from the Olympic Games coverage! Ever since my early teens, I’ve manifested symptoms of Olympic Addiction Disorder (not a real thing – at least I don’t think so). So I’ll make this quick! Here’s a recap of where we are in our journey out of debt since […]