Fun Getting Out Of Debt?

DH = Dear Husband                                        CF1 = Church Friend 1 DD3 = Dear third daughter                           CF2 = Church Friend 2 DD2 = Dear second daughter                I introduced myself to a new neighbour recently.  We had a brief, polite conversation which included her informing me that she played golf.  When I told her that I never […]

A Report Card for June and a Goal for July

             DH = Dear Husband                                                                                                                                                   DD3 = Dear Third Daughter              DH and I assign different marks to our June debt reduction.  I give it a C- because we missed our goal by $1,500, but he gives it an A+.  Go figure.  Relative to my husband, I’m the positive one.  DH, the worrier, generally has […]

Behind Every Debt There’s a Story . . . And An Alternative

 DH = Dear Husband                    DH and I have four debts, each incurred through different circumstances.  Ramsey’s advice never to borrow isn’t contingent upon circumstances though.  So I sometimes wonder how we could have navigated each scenario differently to avoid debt.  How would things have played out […]

Money Sense: My New Awareness

  ap·o·plec·tic  / [ap-uh–plek-tik]   adjective ( DH = Dear Husband USC = Urban Schools Consultant I run a “Word of the Day Challenge” at my school.  I love it when a student says to me after taking the challenge, “Miss, I heard ‘curmudgeon’ on the radio this morning!” or “Mr. Plummer used ‘apoplectic’ in English […]

Here We Go!

DH = (Dear Husband) The High of Starting                 If you’ve ever taken part in a road race, you know how effortless it feels at the beginning.  Surrounded by fellow runners, cheered on by well-wishers, adrenaline pumping, barely conscious of the legs beneath you . . .  It’s as if you are carried by the crowds […]

Reflect Upon Where You Started; Acknowledge Where You Are; Move Forward

DH = Dear Husband DD3 = Dear Third Daughter  What are the messages about money that you absorbed in your childhood and have carried into your adult life?  T. Harv Eker, in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, says that each one of us has a money blueprint that wields enormous power in determining […]