Romance While Getting Out Of Debt

 DH = Dear Husband DD1 = Dear First Daughter DD2 = Dear Second Daughter DD3 = Dear Third Daughter Expensive romance Roses.  Chocolates.  Wine.  Gifts.  Restaurants.  Week-ends away.  Exotic destinations.  Diamonds.  Romance can be pricey.  Two years ago, when DH marked the first year of his business franchise, we felt encouraged by his new career […]

Mickey Mouse and His Broom: Debt Illustrated in Fantasia

 DH = Dear Husband DD2 = Dear Second Daughter Margaret Atwood’s Payback: Mills & Mickey Mouse “There’s a widespread folk motif about magic mills and their habit of not stopping.  A poor peasant acquires a hand mill that goes by itself and grinds out anything you ask it to, and so he becomes wealthy; but someone […]

Discretionary Money: His and Hers

 DH = Dear Husband DD1 = Dear First Daughter Shared accounts? Separate accounts? Both?                Dr. Phil believes that spouses should have separate accounts so that each partner has independence and discretionary money.  Dave Ramsey believes that couples should share accounts and work together towards unified financial vision, priorities, and goals.  What to do?                DH […]

Boundaries In A Land Of Entitlement

DD2 = Dear Second Daughter DD3 = Dear Third Daughter “Games” debtors play            “Scientists tell us that rats . . . will give themselves painful electric shocks rather than endure prolonged boredom . . . the anticipation of torment is exciting in itself, and then there’s the thrill that accompanies risky behaviour . . […]