Debt, DD3, and Justin Bieber

DH = Dear Husband DD3 = Dear Third Daughter                “How is [DD3]?” I asked DH over the phone before driving home from work last Friday.                 “She came home from school, went right up to her room, turned off the lights, and got into bed.”                Ugh!  Awful feeling for parents to know that […]

First 6 Months of Debt Reduction Revisited: WOW!

DH = Dear Husband DD2 = Dear Second Daughter                This morning, we had a rare hour of peace.  Not leisure – I was making apple crepes for Sunday breakfast and DH had work percolating in his office – but we could talk.  I reviewed the numbers I had written down yesterday.  How on earth […]

Debt #2 Eliminated! First Semi-Annual Report

DH = Dear Husband On the right track – and it’s weird! November has been a month of monetary abundance. (See post “Debt and Guilt . . .”)  A few weeks ago, we dared to hope that with our insurance reimbursement, DH’s expenses claim, and my three-paycheque month, we might be able to finish off […]

Debt Reduction and Guilt: Facing the Sabotage from Within

  DH = Dear Husband Our attack on Debt #2 has begun in earnest.  This week, we received our reimbursement cheque from the insurance company.  (See post “Debt and Uncertainty . . .”)  That’s $2,589.15.  And then there’s the amount of money we set aside in October.  It was impressive, partly because we sold two […]

Debt and Numbers: Making the Stats Personal

 DH = Dear Husband Canadians’ debt: ‘in danger zone’                “Canada’s debt soars into danger zone”.  So read the headline for Barrie McKenna’s article in the Globe and Mail this past Monday (October 15, 2012).  Canada’s average household debt-to-income ratio has reached 163%.  Apparently, 160% is regarded as the threshold to avoid – the point […]