Report August 2017: No-Judgment Expense-Tracking

DH = dear husband DD2 = dear second daughter DD3 = dear third daughter Report for August 2017 For our total debt, here’s a reminder of where we started in June of 2012: Consumer Debt – $21,400 Business Debt – $80,800 Mortgage Debt – $155,000 Total Debt – $257,200 Emergency Fund – Non-existent Investments – […]

Dealing With My Financial Achilles’ Heel: Metaphor of Pipe, Valve, and Filter

Poor Achilles – shot in the one vulnerable part of his whole body. DH = Dear husband Great progress overall If you’ve been following our journey out of debt for any amount of time, you have read several posts about my dismal performance with discretionary money. Overall, DH and I are making great progress towards debt-freedom. […]

Elder Indebtedness on the Rise: Seniors of the Future, Be Proactive NOW

“Carrying Debt to the Grave? The Increasing Indebtedness of the Elderly” Look what came to town last week: an international conference about debt among people aged 65+. What motivated the conference? In Canada in 2012, 42.5% of seniors (aged 65 and over) still had debt. This rate of senior indebtedness marked an increase of 55% since 1999. The problem […]

April 2017 Report: Inspiration from Malala Yousafzai (& A Debt Milestone Reached)

Malala Yousafzai speaking in our high school auditorium. Malala Yousafzai’s visit to our school I’m a high school teacher, and on April 12, our school had the most incredible honour. In advance of a special assembly to recognize the importance of girls’ education, we were told that Sophie Grégoire-Tudeau, the wife of our Prime Minister […]