New Debt Reduction Analogy: It’s Like Getting Control of a Flea Infestation

This is one of our flea traps – with over 40 caught. (Ugh!) DH = Dear Husband DD3 = Dear 3rd Daughter Our dearest Rocky died November 7. When we went to the vet in October to get him treated for fleas, some blood work was done, and it indicated he was having trouble with […]

October 2017 Report: “Gazelle Intensity” Wanes When Life Goes off Kilter

DH = Dear Husband DD3 = Dear third daughter October progress: slow We started our journey out of all debt in June of 2012, and at this point, over 5 years in, we can see the finish line. $21,000 in consumer debt – GONE $81,000 in business debt – GONE $155,000 in mortgage debt – […]

September 2017: PF Mistakes & The Battle vs. Shame/Judgment

DH = dear husband DD2 = dear second daughter Overall progress from June 2012 to September 2017 DH and I have been on a journey out of all debt since June of 2012. We started off with: $21,000 in consumer debt $81,000 in business debt $155,000 in mortgage debt A grand total debt of $257,000 […]

Letter To Student, Raised Below Poverty Line, at Threshold of Middle Class

FS = former student I’m a high school teacher, and this past summer I was very honoured to be invited to the wedding of a former student (I’ll call her FS). Even in her rebellious teen years, FS knew how to work hard. A co-op student in the school library for 3 semesters, she always […]