Personal Finance and Race: An Interview with Kassandra

Like many people, I was deeply shaken by a combination of sorrow, rage, and incredulous horror after the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina last month. At a social event I had attended before news of the killings had reached me, I talked with a black colleague about her experience of racism in her teaching career. “Are you sure that’s what it was?” I asked in disbelief, certain that she had misunderstood people’s attitudes or unfriendliness as racist when it was all really just a reflection of their personalities. After all, hadn’t we moved on as a society? While absorbing the shock of the news the next morning, I had a wake-up call, and I believed what my colleague had told me.  
Rev. Norvel Goff, who led the first service at Emanuel after the shootings, said, “…the only way evil can triumph is for good folks to sit down and do nothing.” In response to his call to do something, I reached out to Kassandra.  A former PF blogger many might recognize, Kassandra has moved on in her career, and despite her preference to maintain some privacy and anonymity now, she was willing to be interviewed about the sensitive topic of race for this post. 

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    • Thank you, Kay. It wasn’t a comfortable thing for me to approach Kassandra about such a sensitive topic, but I’m glad I did. This whole issue is clearly still and issue, and it needs to be blown wide open.

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