Millennial Masters Student’s Thesis Becomes Uber-Frugal Cookbook

Masters thesis on food stamps recipients

Almost a year ago, I read a post on Get Rich Slowly by April Dykman entitled How to eat on $4/day. Her article told the story of Leanne Brown, a student who, in preparing the thesis for her Masters in Food Studies, focused upon the plight of food stamps recipients in the U.S. Was it possible for them to eat good food on $4 per day? In her efforts to answer that question, Brown created a cookbook: Good and Cheap

Eager to reduce my family’s grocery budget as part of our debt-reduction efforts, and inspired by Brown’s initiative, I purchased a copy of the book. A few months later, psyched by the delicious dishes we were enjoying – and even more so by the significant drop in our grocery bills – I included the permanent link to Brown’s book that you see to the right under the heading “Featured Money Saver”. (No, I don’t get paid for it.)  I approached Brown about the possibility of an interview, and she accepted, saying the best time would be upon the launch of her book’s second edition. The new and improved version of Good and Cheap is now available, and Leanne Brown, extremely busy at this time, graciously spoke with me about it.  

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