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If you’ve been reading at this site for any length of time, you already know the story behind “Fruclassity”. I wrote a post last July about Mr. Money Mustache’s subculture of Badassity. “Is It For Me?” was the question. The answer was “No.” On occasion, I can pull off a feat of stick-it-to-the-man hyper-frugality that defines Badassity – and I’m mighty proud of myself when I do. But on an ongoing basis? No. At least not yet. In that post, I wrote about one such feat, but I had to contrast it with the indulgence DH and I had enjoyed the same week in using a $100 gift card to a high-end (at least in our books) restaurant. It was so delicious, we allowed ourselves to go over the $100 limit. Not so badass, right?

Laurie from The Frugal Farmer commented on that post:

“Ok, LOVE this!!!!!! We live the same way, and I think we should figure out our own name for it. :-)

To which I replied:

“Thank you, Laurie. OK, so our subculture won’t have a swear word in it. Agreed? How about Fruclassity – for frugal yet classy?”

The Ten Commandments

Laurie liked both the word and what it stood for. In October, she sent me an e-mail saying she’d been thinking seriously about Fruclassity. “How would you like to work together and take that term and run with it?” I didn’t know what running with a term looked like, but I was certainly honoured, and I was definitely in. Laurie came up with the idea for us to write a series of “commandments” which we’ve called The Ten Commandments of Fruclassity. (They’ve been somewhat modified since Laurie originally posted them.) We each started to write about specific commandments and how they applied to us.

Jay $ and

I received a very excited e-mail message from Laurie in November. She said that Jay $ – of Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance fame – had contacted her after reading one of her posts about Fruclassity. He “LOVED it (said it was a ‘brilliant concept’) and said that we should pick up the domain just in case we decide to take this further than a series.” Laurie bought the domain name immediately, and we started to build a vision for our web site.

Our vision

Laurie and I have a lot in common in terms of our experience with debt, and there was a real flow in our back-and-forth discussions about what we wanted to create. We envisioned a web site that:

  • targets people struggling with debt who want to turn things around
  • gives these people a safe place to discuss money matters in spite of the larger culture that makes a taboo of money-talk
  • helps people get past the debilitating shame that many feel when they take ownership of their financial state (Laurie and I both know what that shame is all about. It is NOT fun or constructive.)
  • recognizes the vast differences in people’s incomes, expenses, ages, and values
  • unifies people who often feel there are barriers between them because of different incomes, expenses, ages, and values
  • points out solutions in terms of budgeting, tracking, becoming more frugal
  • prepares people for the long-term nature of financial change (It takes the average household 7 years to get out of debt.)
  • provides a community for people as they pursue long-term financial change
  • makes people aware of the side-benefits of minimalism and simplicity that come with frugal living
  • provides a counter-weight to the messages that bombard us all on a daily basis to Buy! Borrow! Because you deserve it!
  • challenges people to step up
  • allows people to start from where they are

I could go on and on – even more than I have. I think you get the idea.

MMM’s blessing

But what about Mr. Money Mustache? Would he be annoyed by this modification of his badass vision? Wouldn’t he see Fruclassity as being too “soft”? The possibility weighed on me so much that I sent him an e-mail telling him about our plans. “The essential point is that Fruclassity doesn’t exist without reference to Badassity,” I explained. “That’s why your OK is important to us.”

Would he approve? I was astonished to see his reply within minutes:

“Hi Ruth / Ms. Debtfree, nice to hear from you! OF COURSE your idea sounds great to me. I am highly in favor of made-up words being used to spread good ideas. I hope you have as much fun with Fruclassity as I do with Badassity 🙂



Join us

I’m going to keep chronicling our own journey out of debt right here. But I wanted you to know about, and I hope you’ll visit the new site. Jay $, who has been advising us, mentioned it in his post yesterday at Budgets Are Sexy, and Laurie and I went into overdrive trying to make the site viewer-ready for the curious. We’d been working on it all week (March Break for me), but yesterday was especially busy.

You’ll notice a “Join the Fruclassity Movement” tab on the site. Consider putting your name to it. If you’re trying to get out of debt or you want to support people who are doing so, join us. And tell all of your friends and family to do the same : )

If you only have time to leave one comment for me today, please do so at where our first post is from me and tells about the debt story that DH and I have been living. It’s a brand new baby site – just a few hours old now. It needs a little love. This is all a very big deal for me. Thank you for your support : )

 Your comments are welcome. (But today, they’re even more welcome at

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